2019-20 Catalog 
    Mar 21, 2023  

TRIO Programs

TRIO is a set of college opportunity programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education and are designed to motivate and support eligible students and veterans in their pursuit of a college education. Of nearly 3,000 programs in the nation, Yavapai College is the fortunate recipient of  three TRIO Programs, including Student Support Services, Educational Talent Search and Veterans Upward Bound. General eligibility criteria is based on low income status, first generation college attendance, and/or disability. Other program-specific eligibility requirements may apply.

Veterans Upward Bound - TRIO Program (VUB-TRIO)

The primary mission of the VUB-TRIO Program is to prepare eligible veterans before enrolling in college to ensure academic success and completion of post-secondary education at a college, university, or vocational/technical school. In addition to low income status and/or neither parent having a four-year degree, eligible veterans must also have a discharge other than dishonorable with at least 180 days of active duty or a release for medical reasons. Members of the reserve component may also be considered for program eligibility. Other considerations may apply.

Free VUB TRIO services provided to eligible veterans throughout northern Arizona include:

  • Individualized, self-paced refresher modules in basic mathematics through pre-calculus, computers, composition, literature and more
  • Academic skills assessment
  • Student success workshops and tutoring
  • Guidance on post-secondary programs and career exploration
  • Assistance with applying for college admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and veterans education benefits
  • Referral and assistance with securing support services from local resources such as the Vet Center, Veterans Administration, and other veteran serving agencies

For more information call 928.717.7686. Visit online at www.yc.edu/vub.

Student Support Services - TRIO Program (SSS-TRIO)

The SSS-TRIO Program helps eligible students stay in college, graduate, and/or transfer to a four-year university. The mission is to encourage and assist eligible students in reaching their educational goals. The program serves eligible students who are considered first generation college students, low income, and/or have a disability.

Free services offered to students accepted into the program include:

  • Individual tutoring
  • Assistance with financial aid and scholarships
  • Extended academic advising and transfer assistance
  • Student success and leadership development
  • Cultural enrichment, social events, and university field trips
  • Peer mentoring

For more information call 928.776.2084 (Prescott) or 928.634.6596 (Verde), email sss@yc.edu. Visit online at www.yc.edu/sss.

Educational Talent Search - TRIO Program (ETS-TRIO)

Another federally-funded TRiO program at Yavapai College is ETS-TRiO which serves students, grades six through twelve, in ten schools in Yavapai County. The purpose of this early intervention program is to increase enrollment in post secondary education among traditionally under-represented groups including students who will likely qualify for federal financial aid programs and whose parents have not earned a bachelor's degree.

Free comprehensive support services provided to eligible students in their schools include:

  • Academic counseling
  • Goal-setting
  • Career awareness
  • Tutoring/mentoring
  • Technology enrichment
  • Exposure to college campuses and cultural events
  • Assistance with college admissions
  • Information and assistance in completing financial aid and scholarship applications

For more information call 928.717.7655, email ets@yc.edu. Specific schools served and program details can also be found online at www.yc.edu/ets.