2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jan 17, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog

ART 182 - Sculpture: Welded Metal I

Description: Exploration of sculpture using Oxyacetylene torches and GMAW (wire) arc welding processes. Emphasis on welding, cutting, and shaping metal to explore sculptural forms. No prior welding experience is necessary. Application of design principles.

Credits: 3
Lecture: 1
Lab: 5

Course Content:
  1. Use of tools and materials
  2. Cutting and piercing metal
  3. Joining metal components of a sculpture using butt, lap and tee joints
  4. Assemblage construction methods and cold connections
  5. Mechanical finishes, chemical and heat patinas
  6. Relief and sculpture in the round constructed from metal
  7. Sketchbook
  8. Formal elements and principles of design
  9. Historical and contemporary art examples
  10. Critique

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Use tools and equipment safely. (1)
  2. Use various processes to cut and pierce metal. (2)
  3. Use welding processes to join metal components of a sculpture using butt, lap and/or tee joints. (3)
  4. Incorporate assemblage processes and cold connections. (4)
  5. Apply mechanical, chemical and/or heat patinas.(5)
  6. Create free standing and relief metal sculptures. (6)
  7. Compile ideas for sculpture in a sketchbook. (7)
  8. Identify, analyze and utilize the formal elements and principles of design. (8)
  9. Recognize historical or contemporary examples of the fine arts or crafts. (9)
  10. Use media specific terminology to critique and evaluate works of art. (10)

Required Assessment:
  1. Critique and evaluation of art and artifacts.