2020-2021 Catalog 
    May 27, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

ECE 240 - Family and Community Partnerships

Description: School and family relationships with a focus on communication, ethics, professionalism and problem-solving. Impact of the community, its resources and referral systems. Emphasis on families, diversity, multicultural issues and parent involvement. This course is cross-listed with EDU 240 .

Credits: 3
Lecture: 3
Course Content:
  1. Communication and listening skills
  2. Diversity in parenting and family structures
  3. Family and school relationships in multicultural settings
  4. Teacher roles
  5. Parent-teacher conferences
  6. Professionalism and ethics
  7. Community resources

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Apply techniques of active listening and communicating. (1)
  2. Define teacher and parent roles in communication. (1-6)
  3. Identify familial differences and parenting styles. (2,3)
  4. Describe issues of professionalism and ethics in the early childhood field. (4,6)
  5. Identify resources and referral systems in the community. (7)
  6. Conduct parent/teacher conferences. (5)