2020-2021 Catalog 
    Oct 20, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

NSG 233 - Perinatal and Women's Health Nursing

Description: Concepts of nursing care for the preconception, perinatal and postpartum family and neonate. Includes sexually transmitted diseases, men's reproductive and women's health issues.

Prerequisites: NSG 132

Corequisite: NSG 231

Credits: 2
Lecture: 2
Course Content:
1. Nursing care of the childbearing family
a. Preconception
b. Prenatal care
c. Care during labor and birth
d. Neonatal care
e. Postpartum care
2. Nursing care of the childbearing family at risk for complications
a. High risk pregnancy
b. High risk labor and delivery
c. High risk newborn
d. Physical/developmental disorders
e. High risk postpartum
3. Women's health issues
a. Abortions and contraception
b. Cancer
c. Menopause
d. Sexually transmitted diseases
4. Men's reproductive health issues
Learning Outcomes:
  1. Analyze data to individualize the nursing care of women and members of childbearing family. (1-4)
  2. Safely prioritize the nursing care for women and members of childbearing family. (1-4)
  3. Perform a complete postpartum and newborn assessment. (1c-e, 2b-e)
  4. Incorporate therapeutic communication and critical thinking when evaluating the dynamics related to women and the childbearing family. (1-4)
  5. Evaluate client's progress toward achievement of expected outcomes and revise the plan of care as needed. (1-4)
  6. Apply the therapeutic use of self in nursing practice. (1-4)
  7. Modify nursing care for women and members of the childbearing family based on their diversity/culture. (1-4)
  8. Use effective communication skills when collaborating with clients, families, peers and other members of the health care team. (1-4)
  9. Use the nursing process to identify the learning needs of women and childbearing families. (1-4)
  10. Apply the Arizona Board of Nursing Scope of Practice standards when caring for the childbearing family. (1-4)
  11. Collaborate with nursing staff to coordinate nursing care for clients. (1-4)