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Yavapai College    
2017-18 Catalog 
  Feb 20, 2018
2017-18 Catalog

Associate of Science

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Minimum Credit Hours Required: 60

The Associate of Science degree requires completion of 60 credit hours. Although students often have the option of entering a career field upon completion of the Associate of Science degree, this degree plan is primarily designed to provide the first two years of coursework to prepare students for transfer into a related upper division baccalaureate degree program. The Associate of Science degree is the appropriate degree plan for students who major in fields with heavy requirements in mathematics and science. The Associate of Science degree is intended for students specializing in engineering, engineering technology, industrial technology, agriculture, health professions, mathematics, or science.

Thirty-five hours of coursework are concentrated in general education. At Yavapai College the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-S) is embedded in the Associate of Science degree. Arizona General Education (AGEC) special requirements incorporate additional university requirements in Intensive Writing/Critical Inquiry (IWR), Ethnic/Race/Gender (ERG) awareness, and Global/International and Historical (GIH) awareness areas. Upon completion of all 35 credit hours (including the special requirements) of the AGEC with a grade of “C” of higher, the student will receive recognition of completion on the transcript and guaranteed transferability of the AGEC upon admission to one of the state universities in Arizona.

The core curriculum consists of three parts: (A) Foundation Studies include critical literacy, precise writing, qualitative thinking, and the process of analysis and synthesis that underlie logical reasoning; (B) Area Studies link foundation skills in thinking and communicating and the core emphasis on conceptual frameworks to the content orientation of academic disciplines; (C) Other Requirements.

Three credit hours of communications coursework are required for this degree. Twenty-two credit hours of coursework in this degree are in major and elective studies. This aspect of the degree affords the student an opportunity to begin work on a major area of study.

Students preparing to transfer to an upper-division baccalaureate degree program should contact an advisor in the major field of study at the transfer institution in addition to meeting regularly with a faculty advisor and/or counselor at Yavapai College. Regular advisement is important to build an educational plan and ensure transferability of general education, elective, and major courses. Students intending to transfer to one of the Arizona public universities can obtain specific information on transferability of courses from the Course Equivalency Guide and curriculum transfer guides available from academic advisors. Transfer guides are also available from each university’s web site.


*AGEC Special Awareness Requirements Students must complete a course from each of the following areas:

  • Intensive Writing/Critical Inquiry (IWR)
  • Ethnic/Race/Gender (ERG) awareness
  • Global/International or Historical (GIH) awareness

General Education Requirements (35 credits)

  1. Foundation Studies (9 credits)
    1.   Credits: 6
    2.   Credits: 3
  2. Area Studies (20 credits)
    1.   Credits: 8
    2.   Credits: 6
    3.   Credits: 3
    4.   Credits: 3
  3.   (6-8 credits)

Communication Requirement (3 credits)

You may select from the following courses to fulfill the requirements of the Communication component of this degree.

Major and Elective Studies - Select 22 credits from the following list:

Note: Courses selected in this block of units should be carefully chosen to meet prerequisite and major program requirements that will apply to the intended transfer degree. A transfer educational plan should be developed in consultation with an academic advisor and students should consult their transfer school’s transfer guides and choose courses from those listed (other courses may also apply with Advisor approval).

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