2018-19 Catalog 
    Sep 16, 2021  

Animation Certificate

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The Film and Media Arts Animation Certificate brings together storytelling, art, performance, sound design and technology to create unique works. Students become engaged in the production of challenging and relevant animation for film, television, interactive content and new media. This rapidly changing craft requires an attitude of constant learning and problem solving while striving for artistic excellence.  We will help you: discover your creative voice; master the use of visual language; focus your skill set; learn the history of film and animation.

Credit Hours Required: 24

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Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Animation Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Watch & Analyze animation media, storytelling techniques & characters. (ART 110, ART 112, FMA 100, FMA 114)
  2. Develop skills in Claymation, puppet animation & other in-camera animation formats. (ART 110, FMA 113, FMA 114, VGD 151)
  3. Practice skills in character building, set construction, in-camera special effects and pixelation. (ART 110, FMA 113, FMA 114, VGD 151, VGD 152)
  4. Create a short film in the stop-motion format, with sound. (ART 110, FMA 113, FMA 114)
  5. Develop characters that think and express emotion. (FMA 100, FMA 103, FMA 113, FMA 114, VGD 152)
  6. Create a short film using chosen animation technique. (All courses in program)
  7. Develop creative solutions to visual problems. (ART 110, ART 112, FMA 100, FMA 114)
  8. Identify, analyze, synthesize & communicate design principles. (ART 110, ART 112, FMA 114)
  9. Articulate traditional & non-traditional art examples & how those examples alter popular visual literacy. (ART 110, ART 112, FMA 100, FMA 114)
  10. Use professional quality software tools to create static & animated 3D objects suitable for use in video games and animation. (FMA 114, VGD 151, VGD 152)

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