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Yavapai College    
2017-18 Catalog 
  Oct 20, 2017
2017-18 Catalog

Screenwriting Certificate

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The Film and Media Arts Screenwriting Certificate is designed to focus on storytelling across the media. Artistic expression is covered using iconic films, history of the industry and how to write film reviews and criticism. Business applications for screenwriting is also covered and includes video-based information delivery such as tutorials, marketing/sales, social media content, education, YouTube, film and television. Screenwriting students will learn how to grow their writing and storytelling skills in basic editing skills, and writing in their chosen media: film, television, webisodes and industrial video.

Credits Hours required:  18

Gainful Employment Data: View

Note: Formerly Media Writing and Producing Certificate

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Screenwriting Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Exhibit a working knowledge of film history and iconic film and television. (FMA101, 103, 109, 112, 121)
  2. Create a short screenplay. (FMA 103, 121)
  3. Create TV, Film and business-based scripts. (FMA 103, 121)
  4. Utilize team building techniques. (FMA103, 121)
  5. Exhibit a working knowledge of editing as a storytelling method. (ART139)

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