2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
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Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-A)

Credit Hours Required: 35

The Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is designed to fulfill all lower division General Education requirements at the public universities in Arizona. The AGEC-A is the appropriate curriculum for students who plan to major in fields in the Liberal Arts or programs of study other than business or science, and will transfer as a block without loss of credit to Arizona's public universities.

Upon completion of all 35 credit hours of the AGEC-A with a grade of "C" or higher, the student will receive recognition of completion on their Yavapai College transcript. Arizona residents who complete an AGEC-A and who have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher have assured admission upon application to one of the state universities in Arizona.

The AGEC-A also fulfills general education requirements for the Associate of Arts degrees at Yavapai College.

Note: Courses applied to the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) may not be taken for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading.

Students must complete a course from each of the following AGEC Special Awareness areas:

  • Intensive Writing/Critical Inquiry (IWR)
  • Ethnic/Race/Gender (ERG) Awareness
  • Global/International or Historical (GIH) Awareness

Note: This program can be completed entirely online. Not all general education options are offered online, however there will be a variety of online classes from which to choose in order to meet the requirements.

This certificate is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. To explore other financial aid opportunities, please visit the YC Answer Center.

General Education Requirements (AGEC-A) (35 credits)


1 Students pursuing an Associate's degree who do not apply credit from a course on the Communication list to their AGEC will be required to take a communication course as part of the degree's major and elective studies.

2 Students may take any course(s) from the above categories to fulfill this requirement.