2020-2021 Catalog 
    Feb 27, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

Athletic Coaching Certificate

The Athletic Coaching Certificate fulfills course work required to obtain the Arizona Department of Education Standard Athletic Coaching Certificate grades 7 - 12. The course work also provides continuing education opportunities for current coaching professionals and are ideal courses for transfer students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in a similar area of study. The program emphasis is on athlete-centered coaching theories, methods of communication, strategies for motivation, injury prevention and first aid, and anatomy and physiology applied to exercise and sport instruction.

Credit Hours Required: 17

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Athletic Coaching Certificate Suggested Course Sequence   


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Athletic Coaching Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Describe the benefits of an athlete centered coaching philosophy, including coaching objectives and communication style. (EXW 154, 168; PSY 245)
  2. Discuss methods of teaching physical, mental, technical and tactical skills training, including strategies for team management. (EXW 150, 154, 168, 251; PSY 245)
  3. Use assertive communication techniques and strategies for motivating various age groups and skill levels. (EXW 154, 168; PSY 245)
  4. Apply strategies for injury prevention and recognize exercise and sport related injuries and illnesses. (EXW 150, 153)