2018-19 Catalog 
    Feb 22, 2024  

Catalog Addendum

About the Addendum

This catalog addendum includes information relating to updates since the release of the 2018-2019 Yavapai College Catalog.

Catalog Item Revised Description of Revision Action Taken Date of Action

AVT 221B  


Course Addition

Added AVT 221B

September 13, 2018
Aerospace Science (Airplane/Helicopter/Tech/UAS) - AAS   Program Revision

Removed AVT 211C, 212C and 221C from Helicopter Operations Concentration Requirements

Added AVT 221B to Helicopter Operations Concentration Requirements

September 13, 2018

PHI 105  

Added Course Attribute Added SUN#1105 to PHI 105 Introduction to Ethics October 16, 2018
Associate of Arts ∞   Major added Major and Elective Studies: Added "Exercise Science/PE-Health" with links

October 22, 2018

MAT 152  & MAT 187  

Added duplicate credit restriction to courses

Added "Duplicate credit for MAT 152 and MAT 187 will not be awarded" to MAT 152 & MAT 187 course descriptions effective Spring 2019 November 19, 2018

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-A) ∞  

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-B) ∞  

Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-S)  

Corrected minimum residency hours Changed minimum hours required for completion of the AGEC certificates within the program descriptions to match policy as stated in the General Degree and Certificate Information   (Degree & Certificate Requirements #5) December 12, 2018
Associate of Arts ∞   Major added Major and Elective Studies: Added "Social Work" with links January 14, 2019
Associate of Science   Table and Resources added Major and Elective Studies: Added table with links to Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics/Astronomy AZTransfer Major Guides and YC department pages. Added Transfer Resources for information purposes. January 30, 2019
AVT Courses Required flight training hours added or modified Added or modified flight training hours to the course descriptions for AVT 116, 121, 211A, 211B, 212A, 212B, 216, 217, 218, 221A, 221B, 226, and 231. April 25 and June 12, 2019
PSY 290   Added SUN # Added SUN# 2290 to PSY 290 Research Methods per AZTransfer. The SUN (Shared Unique Number) for this course is effective Summer 2019. June 13, 2019



Yavapai College reserves the right to change, without notice, any materials, information, curriculum, requirements, and regulations published in this catalog addendum.