2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

About YC

College Mission, Values, and Strategic Goals & Initiatives


Mission: Yavapai College enriches our community by providing accessible, quality workforce, transfer, lifelong, and cultural learning opportunities.

Vision Statement: Yavapai College ensures that Yavapai County is a premier place to learn, work, and live.


  • Offer Career Education programs that provide the education and training necessary to compete in the global job market.
  • Ensure that General Education students can matriculate and continue in other institutions and programs.
  • Provide the Community with access to lifelong learning and cultural opportunities.
  • Assure the Communities of Yavapai County receive the leadership and encouragement to promote economic development.



  • We foster positive relationships with students, staff, and faculty to support student learning goals.
  • We anticipate the needs of stakeholders and adjust our efforts to reduce their challenges and supports their objectives.
  • We create a positive, productive, and supportive environment conducive to learning.


  • We actively listen and provide support to students and colleagues.
  • We connect with others, respecting human dignity and responding with compassion.


  • We are committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment aimed at supporting and educating our students, staff, faculty, administration, and community partners regardless of individual backgrounds, identities, and differences.
  • We are committed to dismantling structural barriers to equity by investing in policies, practices, and behaviors that work to support all students, staff, faculty, administration, and community partners to continually assess and adjust our behavior to be more equitable, fair, and just.


  • We are accountable to our students, community, ourselves, and our local taxpayers.
  • We demonstrate collaboration and respect in all interactions.

Strategic Goals & Initiatives

  1. Belonging Strengthen our commitment to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, caring, equality and self-esteem in all employees and students.

  • Develop and support a culture where all employees feel acknowledged, engaged, inspired, and supported by each other and the college.
  • Provide equitable professional development opportunities where all faculty and staff can enhance their skills to serve students better.
  • Create a sense of belonging for all students in our learning environment.
  1. Living Wage Ensure a program mix that prepares graduates to obtain living wage jobs.
  • Ensure that curriculum and programs are focused on imparting skills needed to secure living-wage jobs in a new economy highlighted by growing artificial intelligence and automation.
  • Create a one-stop-shop for workforce training.
  • Align transfer programs so that associate's graduates can enter Arizona universities as juniors.
  1. Adult Learners Respond to shifting community and workforce needs to serve adult learners.
  • Grow enrollment of non-traditional age learners with a focus on people with some college, no degree.
  • Increase Hispanic learner enrollment and educational attainment levels.
  • Become a leader in adult lifelong learning with financially self-sustaining courses and programs.
  1. Delivery Redefine time, place, and methods of educational delivery to create a more learner-centric environment.
  • Increase online enrollment and success by adopting and implementing best-in- class pedagogy and processes.
  • Improve students' ability to complete programs more quickly through multiple start dates and fast track pathways.
  • Expand Open Educational Resources (OER) Improve our credit for prior learning systems.


View details at Yavapai College Strategic Planning.


District Governing Board

Board Members

  • Ms. Deb McCasland, Board Chair
  • Mr. Ray Sigafoos, Board Secretary
  • Mr. Paul Chevalier, Board Member
  • Mr. Chris Kuknyo, Board Member
  • Mr. Mitch Padilla, Board Member

The Board's role is to act as a link between the taxpayers and management, directing and regulating the organization on the taxpayers' behalf. While Board members are elected by the voters of Yavapai County, they make decisions in the best interest of the taxpayers as a whole.

Visit the Yavapai College District Governing Board's home page at www.yc.edu/dgb.


College Administration


Lisa Rhine, Ph.D. College President (2019)

Exective Leadership Team

Clint Ewell, ED.D. Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services (2010)

Rodney Jenkins, M.B.A. Vice President of Community Relations and Student Development (2017)

Diane Ryan, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs (2019)

Emily Weinacker, Ph.D. Chief Human Resources Officer (2018)

Associate Vice Presidents

Diana Dowling, M.Ed. Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management (2011)

Tania, Sheldahl, M.Ed. Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students (1986)

District Deans

Joan Fisher, Ph.D. Dean of Professional Programs and Visual Arts (2003)

Stacey Hilton, M.S. Dean of Instructional Support (2000)

Dean Holbrook, M.A. Interim Dean of School of Science & Engineering and School of Health & Wellness, Director of Scheduling and Early College Partnerships (1994)

Karen Reed, Ph.D. Interim Dean of English, Humanities & Social Sciences, Verde Valley Campus and Sedona Center (2022)

John Morgan,  M.A. Dean of School of Career & Technical Education (1999)


Yavapai College Foundation

Executive Members

  • Marnie Uhl, President
  • Valerie Wood, Immediate Past President
  • Cindy Nyman, First Vice President
  • Dr. Linda Mast, Second Vice President
  • Don Michelman, Treasurer
  • Anne Barton, Secretary   
  • Dr. Lisa Rhine, Yavapai College President
  • Mary Talosi, Yavapai College Foundation Executive Director

Ensuring Excellence in Education at Yavapai College and Supporting our Communities

Since 1971 the Yavapai College Foundation (YCF) has been committed to excellence in education and enhancing the opportunities of Yavapai College's students, faculty, and local communities. The far-reaching scope of the Foundation is evident through its diverse auxiliary organizations and projects.

As Yavapai County and Yavapai College grow, the need for a strong and financially supportive Foundation has never been greater. There are many ways you can help:

  • Give a gift today
  • Designate a gift to a specific priority
  • Name YCF in your planned gift or will
  • Become a Foundation/Auxiliary member
  • Volunteer


Over 300 named scholarship funds benefit hundreds of students each year, and we will be providing more than $1 million in support to YC for scholarships and programs in the 22-23 academic year.

Through auxiliaries and volunteers, the Yavapai College Foundation supports the needs and opportunities in our communities across our county.

  • Friends of the Family Enrichment Center

Friends of the Family Enrichment Center is a group of individuals and companies dedicated to early childhood development and education. At the FEC, children are learning all the time! Teachers support and challenge children to develop new skills, think creatively, and work together to solve problems. FEC's program also provides hands-on teaching experience for Yavapai College students, an invaluable resource for elementary and early childhood education. Each spring, the auxiliary supports an event called Framing the Future that highlights the learning that takes place in the FEC classrooms.

  • Friends of the Southwest Wine Center (FoSWC)

The FoSWC support and raise funds for the Southwest Wine Center located on the Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus. The Center serves as a hub of education, research, and rural economic development activity designed to support the viticulture industry in achieving its potential as a significant US wine-producing region. At the core of the Center are five key components: academic programs, a student-run vineyard, a full-production teaching winery, a knowledge gateway, and business linkages. FoSWC supports the Center through outreach with the annual Southwest Wine & Dine in the Vines fall event.

Join and donate to YCF @ www.yc.edu/foundation.

Campus and Center Locations


Prescott Campus
1100 East Sheldon Street
Prescott, Arizona 86301
Switchboard: 928.445.7300
Verde Valley Campus
601 Black Hills Drive
Clarkdale, Arizona 86324
Reception: 928.634.7501
Prescott Valley Center
3800 North Glassford Hill Road
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314
Switchboard: 928.445.7300
Career & Technical Education Center
220 Ruger Road
Prescott, Arizona 86301
Reception: 928.776.2002
Chino Valley Agribusiness & Science Technology Center
2275 Old Home Manor Way
P.O. Box 4048
Chino Valley, Arizona 86323
Reception: 928.717.7720
Sedona Center
4215 Arts Village Drive
Sedona, Arizona 86336
Reception: 928.649.4265

For callers outside the 928 area code, please call 1.800.922.6787


Affiliation and Accreditation




Yavapai College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411
Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone: 800.621.7440/312.263.0456 Fax: 312.263.7462
Email: info@hlcommission.org

Program Accreditation

Nursing Program

Yavapai College first received accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing in 1981.

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Fire Science Program

Yavapai College first received accreditation from the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress in 2001.

International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC)
1700 E. Tyler
Oklahoma State university
Stillwater, OK 74078-8075
Phone: 405.744.8303
Fax: 405.744.8802

Radiologic Technology Program

Yavapai College first received accreditation from the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology in 2011.

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)
20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606-3182

Emergency Medical Technician Program

Yavapai College first received accreditation from the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for Emergency Medical Services Professions in 2012.

CAAHEP - Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
1361 Park Street
Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone: 727.210.2350
Fax: 727.210.2354

CoAEMSP - Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for Emergency Medical Services Professions
8301 Lakeview Parkway
Suite 111-312
Rowlett, TX 75088
Phone: 214.703.8445
Fax: 214.703.8992

Automotive Program

Yavapai College received accreditation Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation (ASE) in 2021.

ASE Automotive Service Excellence
1503 Edwards Ferry Rd., NE
Leesburg, VA 20176


Equal Opportunity Statement

Yavapai Community College District, in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or veteran status in our admission, employment, access to educational programs or activities, as required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VI, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 as amended; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended; the Civil Rights Act of 1991; the American Disabilities Act of 1990; Arizonans with Disabilities Act of 1992; and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

Inquiries regarding Yavapai College's equal opportunity policies may be directed to the Yavapai College Human Resources Director at 928.776.2217. Student inquiries regarding Title IX may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator at Yavapai College at 928.776.2211.