2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Mar 02, 2024  
2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

AJS 254 - Global Crime and Criminal Justice

Description: Introduction to international criminal activity and organizations, particularly money laundering, drug smuggling and trafficking of humans. Includes international methods of crime prevention and prosecution.

Credits: 3
Lecture: 3
Course Content:
  1. Challenges and concerns of international crime 
  2. Sources of international criminal law 
  3. Global differences in defining, prosecuting and preventing criminal activity 
  4. Financial impact of international crime 
  5. Types of international crime 

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Discuss the unique challenges and concerns posed by international crime. (1) 
  2. Identify and describe the various sources of international law, including the United Nations. (2) 
  3. Analyze the difficulties of defining and prosecuting crime in diverse legal and cultural environments. (3) 
  4. Describe global differences in the procedures for prosecuting and preventing international criminal behavior. (3) 
  5. Explain the financial implications of international crime. (4) 
  6. Discuss various types of international crime such as money laundering, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and cyber-crime. (5)