2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Oct 01, 2023  
2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

AVT 200 - Airport Operations and Design

Description: Fundamentals of airport operations and design and the associated impact on management, passengers, and surrounding community.

Prerequisites: MGT 220 

Credits: 3
Lecture: 3
Lab: 0

Course Content:
  1. U.S. aviation system
  2. Airport planning and funding
  3. Airport master planning
  4. Site evaluation and selection
  5. Passenger terminals and ground operations
  6. Management structure and organization
  7. Public acceptance
  8. Economic impacts of airports
  9. Airport maintenance
  10. Legal considerations

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Describe significant milestones in development of U.S. airways. (1)
  2. Describe airway and airport systems planning. (2)
  3. Explain the importance of airport facilities planning. (3)
  4. Recognize the principal criteria for airport location. (4)
  5. Identify the major components of the U.S. airways system. (5)
  6. Identify the organizational structures used in airport hierarchies. (6)
  7. Relate the issues of public acceptance as a major challenge to airports. (7)
  8. Analyze the contributions that airports make to the local economy. (8)
  9. Describe airport maintenance factors and systems. (9)
  10. Discuss the implications of bankruptcy, tort liability and liens in an airport's business environment. (10)