2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Oct 03, 2023  
2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

REC 142 - Outdoor Survival Skills

Description: Adapting to outdoor emergencies using modern fire lighting techniques, natural shelter construction, locating and disinfecting water and signaling for rescue.

Credits: 2
Lecture: 1
Lab: 2

Course Content:
  1. Life threatening emergencies to the body
  2. Survival skills
  3. Safety and survival planning and preparation
  4. Attitude, adaptation and awareness in the wilderness

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Identify priorities in keeping the body alive. (1-4)
  2. Reduce the threat of survival situations. (2,3)
  3. Prepare and pack necessary items for survival. (3)
  4. Perform basic skills needed to support life. (2)
  5. Analyze fear and its effects within the wilderness. (4)