2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Oct 03, 2023  
2022-2023 Yavapai College Catalog [PREVIOUS CATALOG YEAR]

BHS 180 - Child, Family, and Adult Advocacy

Description: The role of advocacy in relation to multiple systems affecting children, families, and adults. Emphasis on identifying appropriate supports, community resources, and "wrap-around" services to help foster healthy family and child development, social welfare, and recovery.

Credits: 3
Lecture: 3
Lab: 0

Course Content:
  1. Advocacy: definitions, standards, and ethics  
  2. Strategies and tactics in advocacy
  3. Parental rights and legal protections
  4. Family systems and integrated healthcare supports in recovery
  5. Integrated healthcare advocacy in education
  6. Integrated healthcare advocacy for disability access and inclusion
  7. Criminal justice integrated healthcare advocacy
  8. State, county, city, and community resources, access, collaboration, and integrated healthcare multidisciplinary teams

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Define advocacy and explain professional/ethical standards for advocacy. (1)
  2. Practice using common advocacy strategies and tactics and discuss when each may be applicable/valuable. (2)
  3. Describe the role of parental rights related to advocacy. (3)
  4. Describe the procedures involved in due process, grievance and appeals in behavioral health systems. (3)
  5. Describe familial considerations involved in advocacy. (4)
  6. Describe the importance of whole health integration in advocacy to ensure appropriate educational access and opportunity. (5)
  7. Describe the role and importance of whole health integration in advocacy when working with the disability population. (6)
  8. Describe the role and importance of whole health integration in advocacy when working with justice-involved persons. (7)
  9. Identify several funding sources and whole health integrated related services that can help address the needs of individuals with behavioral health issues. (8)
  10. Demonstrate how to navigate multiple systems to develop an advocacy plan relevant to a child and his/her family. (8)
  11. Describe the importance of the wraparound process and how it relates to child and family advocacy. (8)
  12. Identify integrated healthcare community supports and resources for children and families that can be made available through advocacy. (8)