2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog

College Police

Arizona Revised Statutes recognize Yavapai College Police Department (YCPD) officers as peace officers, providing them with full enforcement authority in the State of Arizona. YCPD officers are commissioned under the authority of the Yavapai College District Governing Board with jurisdiction of all campuses and property owned and/or utilized for educational purposes by Yavapai College approved by the District Governing Board.

Yavapai College Police Department (YCPD) services include:

  • Responding to emergencies on campus
  • Investigating traffic accidents
  • Investigating crimes and violations of college policy
  • Delivering emergency messages in the event of a threat or critical incident response
  • Victim Advocacy: Assisting victims of crime with crime reporting, obtaining an Order of Protection/Injunction Against Harassment, assisting with SANE/Strangulation exam appointments, accompaniment to court, assistance navigating the legal system, obtaining resources, etc.
  • Patrolling and monitoring the campus grounds for intrusion, fire, criminal activity and hazardous conditions on all 6 campuses/centers
  • Traffic control and sign placement
  • Providing security consultation to the campus community, to the Performing Arts Center, and to the public
  • Monitoring fire alarms
  • Maintaining lost and found
  • Serving as a central location for campus safety information
  • Providing crime prevention seminars and programs such as De-Escalation, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events training, Rape Aggression Defense (women's self-defense) training, and Stop the Bleed
  • Assisting with requested door locks/unlocks
  • Assisting local Police agencies in the surrounding communities
  • Participation in annual Tabletop scenarios in conjunction with YC Executive Leadership to prepare for a critical incident
  • Hosting various events to bring awareness to Mental Health, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence

Campus Crime Reporting

The Yavapai College Police Department provides crime statistics for all campuses. These statistics can be obtained from the College Police Office, Student Affairs Office or on the College Police website.

Notification of college crime statistics is either mailed in post card format or sent by e-mail each year to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Prospective students are advised of the availability of the crime statistics through recruiters and also through the College Police website.  Federal law, through the Department of Education, mandates that Yavapai College provide the college community with this information annually. The annual report is available on the College Police website, and also available for distribution at the College Police Department.