Preliminary 2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog 
    May 22, 2024  
Preliminary 2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog

ART 121 - Ceramics II

Description: Concentration on use of the potter's wheel and other clay-building methods, further development of glazing and firing. Application of design principles.

Prerequisites: ART 120  

Credits: 3
Lecture: 1
Lab: 5

Course Content:
  1. Use of the potters wheel

a. Cylinder
b. Bowl
c. Trimming
d. Lid

  1. Hand forming techniques

a. Pinch
b. Coil
c. Slab work
d. Mold use
e. Handles

  1. Surface decoration techniques

a. Stamping
b. Incising
c. Carving
d. Engobe
e. Sgraffito
f. Mishima
g. Sprigging

  1. Glazing techniques

a. Wax resist
b. Dipping
c. Pouring
d. Brushwork
e. Overlaps
f. Metal oxide painting and staining

  1. Basic glaze components
  2. Basic kiln components
  3. Kiln firing procedures and components
  4. ormal elements and principles of design
  5. Historical and contemporary art examples
  6. Critique

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Form clay on the potter's wheel.
  2. Hand form clay using several techniques.
  3. Use various techniques to affect the clay?s surface.
  4. Apply glaze using several techniques.
  5. Identify basic glaze components.
  6. Identify basic kiln components.
  7. Define and describe the components needed for the kiln firing process.
  8. Identify the formal elements and principles of design.
  9. Analyze the formal elements and principles of design.
  10. Interpret the formal elements and principles of design.
  11. Recognize historical or contemporary examples of the fine arts or crafts
  12. Use media specific terminology to critique and evaluate works of art.

Required Assessment:
  1. Critique and evaluation of art and artifacts.