Preliminary 2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog 
    May 22, 2024  
Preliminary 2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog

ART 144 - Furniture and Woodworking I

Description: Introduction to furniture design, joinery, machining, hand skills, assembly and finishing techniques. Application of design principles.

Credits: 3
Lecture: 1
Lab: 5

Course Content:
  1. Equipment use and safety
  2. Furniture and/or woodworking projects
  3. Two-point perspectives
  4. Plans, bills-of-materials, figure board feet and plan cutting list
  5. Characteristics of woods
  6. Layout and measuring
  7. Layout and cutting of basic joints, butt, rabbet, dado, miter, biscuit, mortise and tendon, and/or dowel
  8. Assembly of furniture and woodworking assignments
  9. Wood carving
  10. Wood finishes
  11. Formal elements and principles of design
  12. Historical and contemporary art examples
  13. Critique

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Use tools and equipment safely.
  2. Document design concepts to be used for furniture or woodworking projects.
  3. Use two-point perspective to draw furniture or woodworking designs.
  4. Create drawn plans, write bills-of-materials, calculate board feet and plan cutting list.
  5. Incorporate the characteristics of woods into assignments' applications.
  6. Apply layout and measurements on wood.
  7. Identify, analyze and synthesize design principles.
  8. Assemble furniture and woodworking assignments.
  9. Use wood carving techniques for sculpture or apply to furniture.
  10. Select and apply appropriate wood finish techniques.
  11. Identify the formal elements and principles of design.
  12. Analyze the formal elements and principles of design.
  13. Interpret the formal elements and principles of design.
  14. Recognize historical or contemporary examples of the fine arts or crafts.
  15. Use media specific terminology to critique and evaluate works of art.

Required Assessment:
  1. Critique and evaluation of art and artifacts.