2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Yavapai College Catalog

ASL 101 - Beginning American Sign Language I

Description: Principles, methods, and techniques of American Sign Language skills, with emphasis on developing visual/receptive skills and basic communication.

Credits: 4
Lecture: 4
Lab: 0

Course Content:

  1. Visual acuity and use of space
  2. Receiving and producing finger-spelled words
  3. Receiving and producing basic concepts using American Sign Language
  4. Non-manual grammar. Yes/no questions, wh-word questions, and negation
  5. Noun-verb pairs
  6. Personal pronouns and possessive pronouns
  7. The deaf community and its culture
  8. Physical, geographical, and non-verbal cultural information

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Explain how American Sign Language (ASL) developed as a language.
  2. Identify the four parameters of a sign and recognize the use of non-manual behaviors involved with ASL.
  3. Discriminate between different finger-spelled words.
  4. Use non-manual grammar in ASL, focusing on: yes/no questions, wh-word questions, and negation.
  5. Identify the signer's use of space from his/her perspective.
  6. Use pantomime and gestures to convey thought and ideas.
  7. Use and comprehend basic descriptive classifiers used in context.
  8. Identify personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, and spatial referents used in context.
  9. Distinguish the difference between nouns and verbs in basic noun-verb pairs.
  10. Incorporate hand and arm position for expressive finger-spelling and numbers.
  11. Engage in simple conversations in ASL about topics such as family background and routine activities.